Parent contract

Parent Contract
Student Code of Excellence
Uniform Policy



We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the following school rules and procedures:

Doral Academy follows a multi-age curriculum and my child’s class placement will depend upon the results of a placement test and/or teacher recommendation.

      Parents are to contact the school office if their child is going to be absent.  On the day he or she returns to school, parents must send a handwritten note explaining the reason for their child’s absence.  A maximum of 10 handwritten notes will be accepted per school year.

      Students may not exceed more than 5 unexcused absences per school year.  If a student exceeds the above stated amount he/she will be issued a referral that  will be placed in the students’ permanent record.. After three referrals, he/she may be dismissed from Doral Academy.

       Arrival time is from 8:00 am to 8:25 am.  Students must be in their seats by 8:30 am.  Any students arriving after 8:30 am will be issued a late pass.  After ten tardies, the students will be issued a referral form that will be placed in the student’s permanent record.  Please be aware that a student who receives 3 referrals in a school year is subject to dismissal from the school.  We understand that emergencies arise.  In such cases, we will need a letter signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for being tardy.  Please note Doral Academy is not responsible for students who arrive prior to 8:00 am, including those enrolled in the before care program.

     Dismissal time for the following grades will be as follows:

      Kindergarten and K/1 students at 2:00 pm daily.

      Second through fifth grade students at 3:00 pm daily except Wednesdays when all students are dismissed at 2:00 pm.

      Students will remain with a faculty member fifteen minutes after dismissal.  Students who are not picked up fifteen minutes after dismissal time will be issued a late charge of $1.00 per minute.  Please be aware that all late charges must be paid by the last day of school in order to register your child for the upcoming school year.

      Students who wish to be dismissed early (on a regular school day) must be sign-out by a parent or guardian in the main office. Students will NOT be release to persons whose names do not appear on the emergency contact card kept on file in the main office.  Students will not be dismissed 30 minutes prior to dismissal time without a previous notice.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

      Please note that your child is not allowed to bring any toys from home into the classroom.  There will be designated days in which your child will be allowed to bring certain items to school.  The teacher will keep any toys brought into school until the end of the school year.

      Transportation must be provided or arranged by the parent or guardian.  The school is not responsible for any child’s transportation to and from school.

      Uniforms must be worn everyday.  Students who arrive without the proper uniform will be sent home.  Uniform jackets and sweaters are available for cold days.  No other cold weather clothes must be worn. (See uniform policy attached).

      Doral Academy students must abide by our Student Code of Excellence Discipline plan.  Any student failing to follow the Code of Excellence may be dismissed from the school. (See Student Code of Discipline Plan attached).

      All parents’ volunteer hours must be completed prior to the last day of the school year.  Failure to complete the 30 hours will affect your child’s registration for the following school year.

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The Code of Excellence is written for you so that the expectations for behavior at Doral Academy are clear.

We believe that a safe and orderly school is of primary importance. When children behave in a respectful, responsible and safe manner, they learn more and develop into responsible children whose character counts. 

The Doral Academy Code of Behavior is a school-wide plan that clearly outlines student expectations. Proper behavior is recognized and consequences are given for breaking the code.

Each parent must take an active role in supporting this plan. We want our children to learn to be responsible citizens. It is in the children’s best interest that parents and staff work together to ensure a happy, safe and productive learning experience.

The Doral Academy Code of Excellence states that students maintain these qualities:

1.- Be honest

2.- Be kind

3.- Be respectful

4.- Be patient

5.- Be proud

6.- Be courteous

Mistakes are okay, as long as you learn from them.

If a student does not follow  our Code of Excellence, the classroom consequences are as follows:

Classroom Consequences:

1st. Consequence  -  VERBAL WARNING




Administrative Consequences:




SEVERE CLAUSE:  The administration reserves the right to issue a disciplinary action based on the severity of the violation.


v     Fighting

v     Anything that could be used as a weapon

v     Language that threatens, is offensive  or insulting

v     Substances  harmful to our health

v     Cutting class or skipping school

v     Damaging  or destroying property

v     Refusal to obey teachers and/or administrators

v     Stealing

Students who continue to exhibit unacceptable behavior after administrative referrals will meet with the Doral Academy Board of Directors for possible withdrawal from school.

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We believe that a safe and orderly school is of primary importance. When children behave in a respectful, responsible manner, they learn more and develop  into responsible children whose character counts. For this reason we have a strict Discipline Code for students that clearly outlines student expectations. Part of proper behavior is wearing a school uniform at all times during school hours.

Our uniform policy is as follows:

 v      The minimum skirt length permitted is 3 inches above the knee.

v       Skirts or pants cannot be rolled up in the waist or the hems  to adjust the length.

v      All shirt tops must be tucked in.

v      The school uniform colors are navy blue, red and white. All tops must have the school logo on them.

v      Sweaters must be navy blue, red or  white solid color only. Sweaters and sweatshirts  must not have any designs on them whatsoever.

v      Make up and nail polish are not permitted.

v      Earrings are prohibited on boys. Girl should wear discreet earrings, no large hoops. (This is for their own safety)

v      No body painting or tattoos are permitted. Even if it is a temporary, rub-off tattoos.

v      Boys’ hair should be cut above the collar.  “Spiked” hair should be limited to 1” in height.

ANY CHILD NOT WEARING A COMPLETE SCHOOL UNIFORM, OR IN VIOLATION OF ONE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED INFRACTIONS, WILL BE SENT HOME FOR THE DAY.  The parent will be notified  and must make arrangements to have the child picked up. Any child that cannot be picked up will remain in the office and their time will be considered an indoor suspension and noted as such in their record. 

Please speak with your children regarding the importance of wearing a school uniform to avoid serious consequences . I appreciate your anticipated cooperation with our uniform policy and thank you  for your  assistance helping your children comply with our rules.